domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

“A letter from the other side"-Recalling 9/11

“A letter from the other side”

Recalling the 9/11

My dear family:

That day was so clear, so lovely, a sunny day, without storms, clouds. Nothing might change my humor. I woke up at the same hour. I went to my job in my car. I’m a younger man. I’m 48 years old. I had a big and beautiful family with my pretty wife, my four sons, my mother, my father and my mother-in-law. I was very grateful to my God.

I had a good work, a nice house, a big garden with many flowers, and a pet. I was joyous that working day, and I went to the World Trade Center, I was working there. I had a lot of friends in that place, and in some occasions we spoke about weekends, family and the life. We were in the 100th floor, and when I went to sit to my desk, suddenly I heard a great noise, someone called us with panic and hysteria in her voice and she cut quickly the call, it was a short call.

A commotion was near us, a fear touch us, faces were so scared. We got off the stairs, and I saw many people that were running, and I saw solidarity too. Two persons helping themselves, a dog cooperating with her owner. Some common people were fighting for reach the stairs, doors and several people jumped to the streets crossing that colossal windows and they didn’t see behind their, they only try to find and fly to any place and to evade fire that was burning them. They were looking for the best form to save them, but they only find dead.

I tried to find all my friends, but I only find two of them, I don’t know about them, I was searching in their offices, but I never found them.

They’re missing in that crowd, cruel situation that we are living in that day, all this occurred in a short time.

When abruptly, a vast shadow covered us and we heard a tremendous impact, I saw like a ball fire…. And I saw a white light, a long road and someone was expecting in the final of this way.

And we ask where we are… I’m not the only here, we’re so much. We are so many people: Childs, olds, women.

We aren’t with life, so we are spirits, and we’re walking in that extraordinary view, but we saw the blue sky, flowers with splendid colors and smell so sweet and soft.

The scenery near us is nice and quiet, a soft breeze caresses us, and I can feel it yes is how I’m telling to all of you. All is incredible and different, here in this calm place, and we recognize between us and we can talk with each one. We don’t feel a pain. I say this to you: “Hard winds can break our hearts, but never forget to enjoy the life’s small things”. Don’t cry for me! And dry your tears. We’re in peace, I wish that you too. And remember, time is short, try to hear the music, don’t run.

I love everyone. I miss you.

A father.

A husband.

A son.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni

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