lunes, 5 de julio de 2010


My dear children: May I tell you the chocolate’s history?

It’s an original creation. We enjoy it around the world.

It has glamour and we find it in white or dark color. We can found it with a wrapper made of silver or gold paper.

They delight our sight and attract our attention.

We can find it in bonbons, barras, cookies et cetera.

Is too sweet, we give it as a gift in special occasions or not.

Children, older, younger like to eat it.

Somehow, we can hear about its history: Mayas culture, (they were aborigines) cultivated cacao before Spanish people came. When Hernan Cortes founded Veracruz in Mexico, he discovered with his troops, plantation of tomatoes, potatoes, pineapples, at cetera. When they arrived to Tenochtitlan, to the Aztec capital, where’s Mexico today, they were received by Moctezuma the emperator. He invited them with a special drink, full of foamy liquid so bitter; whose name was “cacaoatl”. How did they obtain it? They grind grains of cacao in a mod; they put hot water, specias and honey. They had found and elixir. They never look tired when drink it.

This “cacaoatl” was used in ceremonies like a sign of friendly and honor.

All people drink hot chocolate in big glasses.

Spanish people check the original recipe, and put sugar on it. It was accepted in the high society. It was so popular.

First stores of chocolates appeared in England in 1847.Germany, Switzerland, discovered new forms of use of this sweet chocolate.

When you want sweet meals, you cannot forget to buy a chocolate. It can be full of almonds, peanuts, hazel-nuts, walnuts, etc.

What do you think about?