lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

“ Our Challenge is save our World"

I don’t have exact facts and figures on these topics, but I have seen, many newsletters; brochures and I have also visited web pages of Ecology, and gathered some information.

I support with my ideas and my words the work done by some organizations. If you ask me about zoos, I shall tell you that my dream would be to see animals in its habitats, not in zoos.

In Argentina we can find zoos in Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Chaco, Entre Rios and Tierra del Fuego. Zoos have changed; have worked in many projects to save animals. I didn’t work in a Zoo or in an animal conservation project, I only write in some web sites about animals.

With strategies, education programmes dedicated to adults, children, teenagers, journalists, tourism guides, and with courses and a guide visits become easier. A great and intelligent environment planning will reduce the diversity of problems. As a part of our job, and within the place we live in we can protect areas, species.

Several organizations are trying to conserve natural resources, to save threatened species and modify the rules on the use of natural resources. If we don’t want to see desolation, a vast wilderness, a fragile world without birds, fish and other animals, if we like to see life, we must fight. The least effort we put in becomes the most important help to conserve our ecosystem. We have to fight for a planet with life, and build a future where the man lives in harmony with the animals.

Our world is suffering many attacks from the man around this marvelous and big world. If we love to live here, with our families, we have to change our form of behavior, our form of use many things in our place where we live. If we have mounts near us, we have to be careful when we use fire, when we stay in the rivers, when we left that places, we must clean all in these places. All garbage must put it on a bag to throw it when we go to our homes. If we do all this, our sons will have a wonderful world.

And remember: conservation begins at home, in small things. Examples: reducing water consumption, use energy-efficient light bulbs, do not leave electrical appliances switched on when not in use, recycle wastes, et cetera. Don’t forget this!

Leticia Teresa Pontoni.

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