lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

“Aborigines of Argentina”

This is a tribute to all those aborigines. Every April 19th the world commemorates the American Aborigines Day. They were 300,000.000. Of 5% of mankind conserve the 95% of diversity of the land.

But those days passed, and many things have changed too. They suffer discrimination-they deserve homage because they’re descending of the first in the continent.

The owners of the land were them. The last habitants live of their products-they cultivated the land, they used stones carved and polished. They work with silver, gold and with wool and cotton too. They were ceramists.

The bases of their feed were fish, potatoes, yucca, and wheat. They were naturist. They used tobacco, herb mate, coca, cacao-leaf tea and chocolate. (Cacao)

They live in clans. The sun and the stars guide them. Speaking about religion, they admire the stars.

They had a great sense of social organization.

They made buildings of superimpose stones. They used the bones, the stones to polish it.

In the 1573 year and in Cordoba, Argentina the aborigines were forced to work in the lands to build house for power men-they had to cultivate too. Spanish people subjugated to their authority and they should teach them and protect them. The aborigines were considered less than a Negro. They suffer attacks, tortures all the time. Suddenly, they disappeared; in some places they were defeated with gentle in front of Spanish people.

Why didn’t try to forget all this? We must to change the future. For example in some towns they don’t have water, clear water, and a good work. They’re our brothers too.

They weave marvelous articles of clothing using the loom. They receive a poor pay. They paint with antiques methods their articles. They receive crumbs of money.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni.

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