lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010


Under those rubbles and full of twisted elements many dogs of different breeds like German shepherd, Rotweillers, and Labradors came back after the tragedy in the World Trade Center in New York. I admire them.

They uses good equipment with socks and sandals for to take care its legs of some wounds when began to walk between rubbles.

In earthquakes, avalanches, blizzards, landslides they’re helping all the time-it like trackers of life. And doesn’t exist any appliance more sophisticated that can surpass dogs. Its canine instinct, power searching lives is huge.

All breeds are used without any breed to. All can be trained. Preferably they use males, sane, strong and without any castrated males.

It’s essential that receive the special training since they are a puppy.

The ideals conditions would be:

1)Size medium or big, long.

2)Very intelligent, communicative and easy to guide them.

3)With excellent physical conditions.

4)They mustn’t attack to the other animals.

5)Theymustn’t be aggressive.

6)They must be sociable.

7)Theymust know to resolve all problems and obstacles.

8)Every year it must be checked for Veterinarians.

We can emphasize their laboriosity, tenacity for that hard work. We can recall many dogs that have saved lives. It sniffs life between the smokes. They works as voluntaries with firemen. Its energy, power is incredible. Small dogs can rescue people in those inaccessible places for big dogs. They put all of them to its last breath.

It’s so laudable the work of these animals. They are like heroes.

And so, the most important is that it is loving and noble animals. They have a big heart.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni.

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