lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

The new book from René Colato Laínez

The Tooth Fairy meets El Ratón Pérez
By René Colato Lainez

Illustrations by Tom Lintern
Published by Tricycle Press

ISBN-10: 1582462968
ISBN-13: 978-1582462967

The Salvadoran author, René Colato Laínez is presenting a new boo,
"The Tooth Fairy meets El Ratón Pérez". In this adventure, you can see competition between two characters known among children, The Tooth Fairy and El Ratón Pérez. These characters are legends in many countries. The Ratón Pérez in Spain and Latin America and the Fairy Tooth in the USA. Their first meeting is amazing and unexpected.

Children always wait to lose their first tooth. This book makes me feel so happy. I like fairy tales. I admire René Colato Lainez. He is a special writer. He has that special sensibility to imagine these stories.
This book is marvelous and has beautiful illustrations from Tom Lintern. The competition between these two characters has a happy ending. Children will enjoy this fantastical story. I am sure.
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Reviewed by Leticia Teresa Pontoni.
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