sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Tina Nichols Coury is visiting this blog. We say thanks a lot to her.

1. Where were you born?
I was raised in a small town south east of Los Angeles called El Monte. I went to Catholic school for 12 years and wasn’t a very good student because I rather be drawing than studying. My Mexican single mom raised four kids. We were very poor and at times had no television. So my mom took us to the library to check out books and that is how I became a reader.

2. How did you know Los Bloguitos? A blog for latino children.
One of my friends sent me an email about Los Bloguitos. Then I noticed that my friends Rene Colato Lainez were involved. I have known Rene for many years.
We took several writing classes together. I love his books they are so full of heart.
He also gave me an interview for my blog last year.

3. Did you enjoy working with famous brands?
The best part of working for these companies is that they paid me money to draw and design. It was always a challenge, illustration is a collaborate job meaning several executives and an art director would have input in how they would like the illustration done. My job was to make them happy, even if I did not agree with their choices, but often their ideas made the illustration better.

4. Do you have a blog or a website?
Children can visit my website and look at the art
My blog is generally for librarians, authors, illustrations parents and teachers. http://www.tinanicholscouryblog.com but I do book reviews on the blog that older kids can read.

5. Do you think that audio books will replace books?
I do not think audio books or electronic books will replace hardbound books. I think they are and addition to literacy. In long car trip I often listen to books on tape. Electronic Kindles are convenient if you want to hundreds of books downloaded. But a picture book with beautiful art will always be the choice for parents to read to their children.

6. Did you always knew that you would be a writer?
I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer until I was 35. I was always a voracious reader. I took a class on writing for kids and I got hooked. Kid’s books are the best, picture books with the art, middle grade novels and YA are practically the only books I read for pleasure.

7. Do you love your work?
I always was an artist. I drew since I was a little kid. Sometimes I’d paint my bedroom with rainbows. It made me different and sometimes I was teased but I liked it. I went to college to learn how to paint and illustrate. I couldn’t believe people actually paid me money to do something I loved. Writing is hard; art is easy for me, like breathing.

8. Please, send a message to children.
I would tell kids a few things.

First, be proud of where you come from, rich or poor, with a big family or no family… it makes you who are.

Second every person is an artist and art is in everything. All the art stuff I learned in school. It is not a talent but a learned skill. Keep art in your life no matter what people say it is a way to express ones self.


What ever you do in life, love it. Even if you don’t get paid a lot of money, find something that interests you. Working a job you hate is like going to jail everyday.


Read. Read everything you can get your hands on. A good book is better than a T.V. show, video games or a movie.

Thanks to you Tina.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni.