jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Ann Whitford Paul, a writer

Where were you born?
I was born just outside Chicago, IL.

Inspiration stays with you all the time?
The best way to keep inspiration with me and to get new ideas is to write every single day.
You can’t sit back and wait for ideas to come.
You have to go out, expose yourself to new places and new people and read lots of books. If you do you’ll never be without something to write.

How was your childhood?
I was the oldest of five children.
We moved frequently because of my father’s work.
My favorite thing to do was read but I thought it was impossible for me to write books because my handwriting was very bad.

When did you begin to write?
I began to write when I had four children of my own.
Our house was always noisy except for those times just before they went to sleep or took their naps.
Then we would sit together so close our skins would touch and read. I loved those quiet times together focused on a book so much I wanted to write books that other grown-ups and children could read together.

Which were your favorite books when you were a little girl?
"Ferdinand the Bull and The Secret Garden"

You always enjoy writing a story?
I am sure. Each story is a challenge with its own problems to solve so enjoyment is not the right word. Satisfying struggle says it better.

Have you reached your goals?
Never. There’s always a new goal around the corner waiting to be tackled.
This morning I got a new idea for a book that I’d love to write when I finish all the stories I’m working on now.

Tell us about your new projects.
Right now I’m busy revising a collection of poetry and several picture books.
I’m also writing a book for adults on how to write.

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Turn off your television and read lots!

Beautiful!! Your cover books are wonderful!! Thank you!

Leticia Teresa Pontoni.

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