domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

It's charming on you!

I am recalling to my friend Rochelle Brener. She died on March 19,2008. She was a nice woman. She has written for children too. I wrote this poem for her:

It’s charming on you
telling me if you
need something.
It’s charming on you.
saying me nice phrases
to stay calm.
It’s charming on you,
listening my words
in a call.
It’s charming on you,
helping me with
everything I do need.
It’s charming on you,
knowing that you
are near me.
So far, but close to me.
It’s charming on you,
feeling you as my sister.
My only sister around
this huge world.
It’s charming on you,
because we share
many things.
And that’s good.
It’s charming on you
saying me that is
charming on me
feeling you as my friend too.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni
Copyright 2009

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