martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

Haikus Navideños

Los Haikus son poemas breves, son casi como pensamientos que se dicen sin puntuación. Y se forman con 5-7-5 sílabas por verso.

Navidad y ya
uy,ya llega a nosotros
otro año más

Papá Noel, si
con regalos celebra,
niños felices

Leticia Teresa Pontoni
Copyright 2009

domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2009

El Hada triste

No sabemos el porqué.
No sabemos ni cuándo,
ni cómo.
Pero el hada de los bosques
muy triste se volvió.
Su cara de pronto bajó,
Se acurrucó.
Sus cabellos la cubrieron.
Quieta ella se quedó.
Nada quiere saber.
A nadie quiere oír.
Es que los árboles
han perdido su color.
Las flores ya no poseen
aquel rico perfume.
Las abejas no liban
en ningún lugar.
Las vaquitas de San Juan
ya no vuelan por ahí.
Todo está seco y muerto.
¿Pronto esto pasará?
Quién lo sabe.
El hada de los bosques
no cree que esto cambie.
Mientras la mente humana
no cambie.

El medio ambiente morirá.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni
© 2009

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Ann Whitford Paul, a writer

Where were you born?
I was born just outside Chicago, IL.

Inspiration stays with you all the time?
The best way to keep inspiration with me and to get new ideas is to write every single day.
You can’t sit back and wait for ideas to come.
You have to go out, expose yourself to new places and new people and read lots of books. If you do you’ll never be without something to write.

How was your childhood?
I was the oldest of five children.
We moved frequently because of my father’s work.
My favorite thing to do was read but I thought it was impossible for me to write books because my handwriting was very bad.

When did you begin to write?
I began to write when I had four children of my own.
Our house was always noisy except for those times just before they went to sleep or took their naps.
Then we would sit together so close our skins would touch and read. I loved those quiet times together focused on a book so much I wanted to write books that other grown-ups and children could read together.

Which were your favorite books when you were a little girl?
"Ferdinand the Bull and The Secret Garden"

You always enjoy writing a story?
I am sure. Each story is a challenge with its own problems to solve so enjoyment is not the right word. Satisfying struggle says it better.

Have you reached your goals?
Never. There’s always a new goal around the corner waiting to be tackled.
This morning I got a new idea for a book that I’d love to write when I finish all the stories I’m working on now.

Tell us about your new projects.
Right now I’m busy revising a collection of poetry and several picture books.
I’m also writing a book for adults on how to write.

Send a message to children. Lot of them visit Los Bloguitos.

Turn off your television and read lots!

Beautiful!! Your cover books are wonderful!! Thank you!

Leticia Teresa Pontoni.

martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009

El ulular de sirenas

Escucho el ulular de sirenas
en Chicago.
De bomberos,
De la policía,
o de la ambulancia quizás.
Y sus luces que apagan
y prenden sin parar.
Anunciando su paso
por toda la ciudad.
Que traslada un enfermo
hacia el hospital.
El ulular de las sirenas
que anuncian
peligro o emergencia
en toda gran ciudad.
Me gusta oírlas y
enseguida me pregunto
que estará pasando.
Quisiera ser bombero
para ayudar.
Quisiera ser médico
para poder curar.
O un policía
que atento al peligro
siempre estará.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni
Copyright 2009

sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Tina Nichols Coury is visiting this blog. We say thanks a lot to her.

1. Where were you born?
I was raised in a small town south east of Los Angeles called El Monte. I went to Catholic school for 12 years and wasn’t a very good student because I rather be drawing than studying. My Mexican single mom raised four kids. We were very poor and at times had no television. So my mom took us to the library to check out books and that is how I became a reader.

2. How did you know Los Bloguitos? A blog for latino children.
One of my friends sent me an email about Los Bloguitos. Then I noticed that my friends Rene Colato Lainez were involved. I have known Rene for many years.
We took several writing classes together. I love his books they are so full of heart.
He also gave me an interview for my blog last year.

3. Did you enjoy working with famous brands?
The best part of working for these companies is that they paid me money to draw and design. It was always a challenge, illustration is a collaborate job meaning several executives and an art director would have input in how they would like the illustration done. My job was to make them happy, even if I did not agree with their choices, but often their ideas made the illustration better.

4. Do you have a blog or a website?
Children can visit my website and look at the art
My blog is generally for librarians, authors, illustrations parents and teachers. but I do book reviews on the blog that older kids can read.

5. Do you think that audio books will replace books?
I do not think audio books or electronic books will replace hardbound books. I think they are and addition to literacy. In long car trip I often listen to books on tape. Electronic Kindles are convenient if you want to hundreds of books downloaded. But a picture book with beautiful art will always be the choice for parents to read to their children.

6. Did you always knew that you would be a writer?
I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer until I was 35. I was always a voracious reader. I took a class on writing for kids and I got hooked. Kid’s books are the best, picture books with the art, middle grade novels and YA are practically the only books I read for pleasure.

7. Do you love your work?
I always was an artist. I drew since I was a little kid. Sometimes I’d paint my bedroom with rainbows. It made me different and sometimes I was teased but I liked it. I went to college to learn how to paint and illustrate. I couldn’t believe people actually paid me money to do something I loved. Writing is hard; art is easy for me, like breathing.

8. Please, send a message to children.
I would tell kids a few things.

First, be proud of where you come from, rich or poor, with a big family or no family… it makes you who are.

Second every person is an artist and art is in everything. All the art stuff I learned in school. It is not a talent but a learned skill. Keep art in your life no matter what people say it is a way to express ones self.


What ever you do in life, love it. Even if you don’t get paid a lot of money, find something that interests you. Working a job you hate is like going to jail everyday.


Read. Read everything you can get your hands on. A good book is better than a T.V. show, video games or a movie.

Thanks to you Tina.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni.

miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

Some words with Margot Finke

I knew Margot thanks to Tina Nichols Coury blog. Tina is an illustrator and writer.

1) Where were you born?

I was born in Bendigo, Australia, an old gold mining town in the state of Victoria. When I was three, my parents moved to Queensland, the tropical top half of Australia, and I grew up there. Later, I married an American, and after about seven years, we came with our three children to live in Oregon, USA.

2) How do feel when you write? Your feelings.

Beginning a new story is always exciting. All sorts of ideas and possibilities fly through my head. I often get great ideas in the middle of the night, usually about some part that has worried me during the day. I sneak out of bed and go to the bathroom, where I keep pencil and paper. If I don’t write my midnight epiphanies down, by morning they are gone forever!

3) Have you written since your childhood?

Yes, I have always scribbled. However, I need peace and quiet to write well, so it wasn’t until the last of our children left for college, that I began serious writing.

4) Muses are at home all the time?

Not all the time. There are rest periods when my Muse takes a vacation. These are times when I work at other things: promoting my books, adding to my Blog and Website, and working on the Manuscript’s clients send to be critiqued. Even a Muse needs occasional time off.

5) Which are your new projects?

At the moment, I am preparing for the launch of my newest book, “Ruthie and the Hippo’s Fat Behind.” Publisher: G.A.P. Illustrator: K.C. Snider. A rhyming picture book about how big changes in a child’s life can change THEM, and not always for the better. When her parents must move them far away, Ruthie suddenly becomes a brat. Her parents wonder if their sweet little girl will ever return. Then, something wonderful happens. . .'s%20Books.htm#other
(Autographed soft cover from my website. Or from Amazon. eBook downloads from Fictionwise and other places)

I am really excited about my publisher’s (Guardian Angel Publishing - GAP) new contract with Apple. This will make all GAP’s books, including mine, available on their Picture Book iKids Play™ application - on your iPhone. Allowing kids to color, paint, rub, and read along with touch screen technology. Apple will add the books one at a time, so mine should not take too long before they are available on iKids Play™ (iPhone).

Promoting books is very time consuming. Unless you are a famous person, or a best selling author, publishers don’t help much. Most of the work is done by the writer: organizing school visits, library readings, bookstore signings, press releases, plus newspaper and radio interviews, and picture taking. Even answering questions for an interview like this one!

Then there are the social networking sites, like Twitter, FaceBook, JacketFlap and such. Great for getting your name and the title of your latest book out there – but this all takes big bites from the hours in my day. Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever find time to write again.

And, I also have to add news of my latest book to my Website and my Blog. A new web page for “Ruthie and the Hippo’s Fat Behind,” plus frequent updates about it on my Blog, and elsewhere. WHEW!!

6)You have written nice and cute books. How do you decide to write your last book?

Ideas just pop into my head. I wrote “Rattlesnake Jam” for boys.'s%20Books.htm#other -(Autographed soft cover from my website. Or from Amazon. eBook downloads from Fictionwise and other places)

My son was a reluctant reader, and I wanted to write a picture book that was reluctant reader friendly, as well as boy friendly. Boys often won’t read “girly” books: they like yucky stuff, with lots of action and humor. Illustrator, Kevin Scott Collier, did marvelous “boy friendly” cartoon style illustrations for each verse – lots of action, plus the yucky fun boys love.

My 7 Book Rhyming Series – “Wild and Wonderful Animals,” - tells facts about animals from the US and Australia – each book is fun as well as educational. The idea came to me after I had seen a National Geographic show on TV, about animals from all over the world.

You can BUY autographed CDs of these books from my website, or eBook downloads. Fictionwise, Reader’s Eden, and many other places also provide downloads.

7)Do you like to teach how to write for children?

On school visits, I use a PowerPoint presentation to show all my books, as well as offer short, “learning to write” lessons for older grades. The children ask the most surprising questions. I love reading them my books, and telling them about Australian animals. My school visit presentation has the recorded sounds the animals in my books make, and the Tasmanian Devil’s voice is the sound I am most often asked to repeat.

8)Tell us your website and your blog if you have them.

* My Website – “Margot Finke’s World of Writing for Children” - as well as details about my 9 children’s books, it also offers help to beginning writers + my “Musings” column and Manuscript Critique Service.

* My Blog – “Margot’s Books for Kids + Writing News” - Promotes my books, as well as those of other writers, and offers writing news and articles.

9)What do you think about audio books? Will they replace paper books any day?

Kids in the USA are computer savvy. They are at home reading books on a screen. It is mostly the parents who are unsure about eBook Downloads, Books on CD, or some sort of eBook reader. Paper books are here to stay, but there is a time and a place for reading downloaded books. And voice, music and animation, will make this new book technology more and more popular. Of course the price of eBook Readers must come WAY down for this to happen.

Like any new technology, it is always expensive when it first arrives. Yet as soon as it takes hold ( look at TV, microwaves and cell phones) the prices drop, and everyone can afford them.

10)Who has made illustrations from your books?

Artists from different places have illustrated my books. Thanks to an online Turkish friend, who spoke and wrote very good English, “Kangaroo Clues” and “Never Say BOO to a Frilly” (both about Aussie animals) were illustrated by 2 Turkish artists. Aha, the wonders of the Internet! US illustrators from various states illustrated the rest of this series about animals. You can read about them here:

11) Send a message to children. Many of them visit Los Bloguitos each day.

I would love to send your child readers a message:

Dear Children,

I do not speak Spanish, but if any of you can write English, I would love you to e-mail me < > and tell me about YOUR favorite book, and if you also like to write stories. I promise I will reply to each e-mail.

For me, reading is like a magic carpet. Books take me to visit wonderful far away places, and the people who live there. Is reading like that for you?

Every child who e-mails me will get the GIFT of a LINK to me reading one of my books + the illustrations.

Thank you so much for letting me visit with you on Los Bloguitos.
Margot Finke.

Thanks to you Margot.
Leticia Pontoni.

lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

La Casa de Antonieta

Antonieta tiene una casa,
pequeña pero adorable.
Con metales y maderas
de muy ricos olores.

Su camita es de madera,
con acolchado de flores.
Las sábanas muy blancas
y puntillas de colores.

Su cocina es muy alegre.
Ella sabe cocinar.
Aunque algunas comidas
suelen oler muy mal.

Se le queman por demás.
El color negro abunda.
Hasta el gato-ratón lo piensa
y rápido se hace humo.

En el jardín de su casa
puedes encontrar:
Jazmines, rosas, margaritas
con un perfume sin par.

Una enorme chimenea
la abrigará en el invierno.
Si la suerte la acompaña
al encender troncos secos.

Un día quemo su casa,
su cara estaba negra.
Nadie la reconoció.
Parecía un carbón.

Si quieres y la visitas
tú la puedes encontrar.
Búscala en algún bosque
de seguro la hallarás.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni

viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

Los osos

Dos lindos oseznos
juegan y retozan.
Marrones, peludos
y muy regordetes.
Se ensucian,
se embarran
en un gran charco
que ellos encontraron.
Dos lindos ositos
corren, juguetean.
Su mamá los mira.
No saben lo que hacen.
Sólo se divierten.
Ellos son pequeños.
No saben,
no miden,
y no se dan cuenta
de sus travesuras.
Suben la montaña,
vuelven a bajarla.
Dos lindos oseznos
mucho se divierten
en el bosque espeso.
Siempre la mirada
atenta y seria de
su linda mamá

y del gran papá.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni
Copyright 2009

jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

“A girl in the Hallway”

In the hallway of that
old house
dreams a little girl.
She is sitting, alone,
she asks and imagine,
she plays and speaks,
with some characters
that she imagined.
In the hallway
of that old house
dreams a little girl.
She hears, discusses,
Sings and amuses.
She is only a child
with six years old.
In the hallways of
that old house
dreams a little girl.
But that little girl
has grow up.
The time passed.
Today is a woman,
and the old dreams
she never reached it.
Where are those dreams?
In the hallway of
that old house,
dreams a little girl.
How many dreams
has she lost?
Maybe, if we look for it
they will be there, yet.
In the hallway of that
old house
dreams a little girl.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni

domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

It's charming on you!

I am recalling to my friend Rochelle Brener. She died on March 19,2008. She was a nice woman. She has written for children too. I wrote this poem for her:

It’s charming on you
telling me if you
need something.
It’s charming on you.
saying me nice phrases
to stay calm.
It’s charming on you,
listening my words
in a call.
It’s charming on you,
helping me with
everything I do need.
It’s charming on you,
knowing that you
are near me.
So far, but close to me.
It’s charming on you,
feeling you as my sister.
My only sister around
this huge world.
It’s charming on you,
because we share
many things.
And that’s good.
It’s charming on you
saying me that is
charming on me
feeling you as my friend too.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni
Copyright 2009

domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

El gusano Beto y la pequeña manzana

Leticia Teresa Pontoni
© 2009

Una manzanita chiquita,
dulce y redonda.
Cuando de repente
alguien se asoma
desde su interior.
Es Beto, el gusano.
El gusano verde,
grande y preguntón.
Una manzanita chiquita,
redonda, y muy rica
junto a dos limones
que allí se quedaron.
En una gran fuente
junto a la heladera.
Y Beto le pregunta a la
-¿Por qué no eres gorda?
Y la manzanita muy tímida
-Mi mamá es más grande,
yo soy pequeñita.
-Creí que tú eras jugosa
y rellena, y muy, sí
muy, muy fresquita,
pero me engañaste.
-No quise engañarte,
sólo soy así.
Y Beto el gusano decide
Una nueva manzana el
ya encontrará.
Y la manzanita chiquita
y redonda triste se quedó.
Los grandes limones
ya desaparecieron.
Alguien los usó.
Y Beto el gusano, otra
manzana encontró.
Algo más grande y jugosa.
Y tranquilo se quedó.

sábado, 3 de enero de 2009

Horses in dwelling

I heard voices
in the mountain.
Voices of old conquests,
voices of old wars.
I heard noises near me.
Horses in dwelling.
I saw horses running
in that big mountain.
Prehistoric Indians
were calling me.
I spent nice moments
hearing the music.
The music of the land.
Yes, that land.
And the music of
the water in the river.
I heard silence.
I felt peace, quietness.
Incredible site!

Oh! Arizona.

Leticia Teresa Pontoni
Copyright 2008
All rights reserved